These humbuckers are hand wound to Gibson’s classic double coil pickup specs. They offer a great tone that is clean, sweet and articulate, yet rich and warm, with very good note separation. The great balance, clarity and lower mid drive that P.A.F's are known for.  


Alnico V magnets: alnico V magnets offer a crisper and stronger attack, smoother mids and plenty of bottom end. Great for all genres.

Alnico II magnets: alnico II magnets offer a softer attack, sweet and detailed treble response AND excellent note separation. The tone is warm and smooth and the low string pull allows for a great natural sustain. Very well suited for jazz, blues playing and archtop guitars.

Also available Alnico III and IV magnets.

Bobbins: black, cream or zebra.

Lead Wire: Vintage braided lead wires, modern shielded 4 leads wire.

Cover: nickel-silver nickel plated cover (+10€), nickel-silver open cover (+10€), gold plated cover (+12€). No cover.

Price: 70€ plus shipping (10€ within EU)



Medium output humbucker delivering a full and warm tone with great sustain, sweet highs, singing mid range and spongy basses. Sound is rich and round, yet very defined, both clean or distorted. Great for bridge positions where fullness and warmth are needed.

Alnico II magnet, dcr 14,4k.

Pair with an Alnico II Custom Paf in neck position for a balanced set.

Price 70€ plus shipping (10€ within EU)


A dirtier version of our “Custom Licks” pickup, featuring a stronger attack, smoother mids and the right balance of highs and bottom end. Rich in harmonic overtones and wide pick dynamics, this pickup delivers enough power to drive any amp to saturation and is great for almost all types of music and playing styles.

Alnico V magnet, dcr 14,4k.

Pair with an Alnico II, IV or V Custom Paf in neck position for a balanced set.

Price 70€ plus shipping (10€ within EU)

Video Sample:


This classic “hot-rodded” humbucker is great for adding depth and body to any bridge position and for hi-gain styles that benefit from a harmonically rich treble response, mid definition and a tight, articulate low end. Delivering a punchy output with a full sound and a lot of bite, this pickup is at home with classic rock, hard rock, heavy blues e metal.
Alnico V magnet, dcr 16,8k.

Pair with an Alnico II, IV or V Custom Paf in neck position for a balanced set.


Price 70€ plus shipping (10€ within EU)


The right choice for modern and classic metal tones! Its hot coil windings and ceramic magnet-powered design give it a powerful, very focused and tight response, rich upper midrange harmonic content and controlled lows, for well-balanced hard-rock and metal tones.

Ceramic magnet, dcr 16,8k.

Pair with an Alnico Custom Paf in neck position or a “Dirty licks” for a more agressive set.

Price 70€ plus shipping (10€ within EU)



These are true strat/tele style single coils in Humbucker size. Warm and beefy, yet definite sound, in the neck position. Crisp cleans and raw blues notes, almost like a tele crossed with a strat, in the bridge.

Completely handmade with high quality materials: nickel plated covers; vulcanised fibreboard bobbins, Alnico 5 magnets, AWG42 enamel magnet wire,  vintage style cloth lead wires.

These pickups are custom made to fit perfectly into a humbucker route or guard without modification. Price: 90€ plus shipping (10€ within EU)


A true humbucker and a true single coil all in one.

 If you are into mounting a HSS set in your Strat you’re probably aware of the issues you have to face:

 - Noticeable volume drops with any pickup vs used with the bridge humbucker;

- no more “quack” on the 2nd position;

- and, of course, you lose the fabulous strat bridge pickup single coil sound.

It is with these problems in mind that I designed and built this pickup. It is a beautiful and gritty sounding humbucker with rod magnets and it also has the sound of a true Stratocaster single coil in split mode. This pickup has a real Stratocaster pickup inside and a second bobbin for the humbucking sound.

Price 80€ plus shipping (10€ within EU)

Video sample:


A  P90-ish sound in humbucker size. P-90s might be the best pickups ever made: they combine the crispness and bite of a single coil with the fullness and power of a humbucker. Very touch sensitive and dynamic, this pickup can easily overdrive your amplifier, or simply "clean up" by backing down on the volume.



These amazing pickups maintain the signature sound of the P90 in a Humbucker size. Made using vulcanized fiberboard bobbin, Alnico V-IV-II magnets, nickel-silver cover (or open cover) for the best quality and sound. They fit into any standard humbucker cavity without any modification.

Price: 85€ single pickup, 170€ complete balanced set. 

Video samples: