Built to Gibson’s P90s original specs, our P90s are made using vulcanized fiberboard bobbin, Alnico (V or II) magnets, maple shim, Soapbar or Dogear configuration, cream or black.

P-90s might be the best pickups ever made: they combine the crispness and bite of a single coil with the fullness and power of a humbucker. Very touch sensitive and dynamic, these pickups can easily overdrive your amplifier, or simply 'clean up' by backing down on the volume. Good for just any kind of style: jazz, pop, blues, rock…

Available from 15% under to 15% over (stock P90s have 10.000 turns of 42 awg wire) for maximum versatility.

Price: 65€ plus shipping (10€). Please contact me at for ordering and options.


This pickup retains all the characteristics of a standard P90… but without the hum! Unlike stacked humbuckers, these pickups offer a true single coil sound, with plenty of dynamics and articulation, along with a round, big sound.

The following sample is with an Alnico IV Hum Cancelling P90, choose Alnico V for a punchier and more aggressive sound, Alnico II for a mellower, warmer feel. 

Price: 90€ plus shipping (10€). Please contact me at for ordering and options.


A true P90 in humbucker size, featuring the size of a humbucker, yet maintaining the signature sound of the P90.
These amazing pickups are made using vulcanized fiberboard bobbin, Alnico V-IV-II magnets, maple shim and nickel-silver cover for the best quality and sound.



Custom made to fit perfectly into a humbucker route or guard without modification. Price: 85€ single pickup, 160€ complete balanced set. Please contact me for ordering and options at